Role: Senior Python Engineer

Type: Full-time (Fully Remote)


Desired Skills

  • 5+ years of python server development using Flask, SQL Alchemy, Marshmallow, or other python frameworks.
  • Expertise working with and building RESTful APIs.
  • Message queues (RabbitMQ, ZeroMQ, etc.)
  • Background task processing (Celery, etc.)
  • Experience configuring container-like systems (Kubernetes, Helm, Vagrant, Docker, etc.)
  • Basic understanding of modern web components (HTML/CSS/JS)
  • Ability to write unit-tested and maintainable code.
  • Knowledgeable in cloud platforms (preferable Azure, micro-services architecture, CI/CD solutions (including Docker), DevOps principles, message queue systems, and background task management.
  • Solid foundation and understanding of relational and NoSQL database principles. Apache Druid experience is a plus.
  • Understanding of OOP and Data Structures and knowing when to apply them in daily coding scenarios.
  • Experience with FHIR is a plus.
  • Demonstrated ability to quickly grasp new technologies.
  • Must be action-oriented, capable of multitasking well based on priorities.
  • Ability to work under pressure with minimal supervision.
  • Proficient in both spoken and written English.


Rules of Engagement

1.       Any client-facing person will be issued a email to communicate with the client.

2.       Pi Tech and/or the customer may want to vet the candidate. We will do our best to avoid coding interviews but may require a technical conversation with the candidate. For design candidate, please share a link to their portfolio.

3.       Everyone on the project will be invited to Microsoft Teams or Slack and the project/client channel.

4.       Hours must be submitted weekly into our time tracking tool (Harvest Time Tracking).

5.       Person is representing Pi Tech and should avoid mentioning who they work for but can mention geography.

6.       Pi Tech will not contract directly with anyone you connect us with (rules established in the MSA).

7.       You will not contact or work with the client directly (rule established in the MSA).



1.       Find a candidate and share their resume and rate. If they pass…

2.       Ask the candidate to take the Pluralsight skill IQ test (instructions sent separately) and share the link to their public profile with the skill IQ test results. If they pass…

3.       Coordinate the tech screening interview between the candidate and Tim Murison via Microsoft Teams (direct message via Chat). If they pass…

4.       Coordinate a quick logic test and culture fit interview between the candidate and the project lead (see above) via Microsoft Teams (direct message via Chat). If they pass…

a.       Staff Aug Only: Work with the team lead to coordinate a client interview. If they pass…

5.       Send the SOW for execution and we schedule a start date.

6.       Candidate will be invited to the Microsoft Teams channel for the client.

7.       Candidate will enter hours into Harvest Time Tracking (invite will be sent out).

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