Hi Everyone! We are looking for Python Devs to work freelance on an exciting Project. We have built an application to manage cloud services for multiple cloud providers, but we want to take it much further. This is one of many reasons why we built on a micro-service architecture in the first place. Our goal is to expand visibility into comparing different marketplace options (like a Kayak.com or Trivago for cloud services) but also to evaluate the costs of existing services for real-time cloud usage monitoring. We are leveraging microservices to the extent that one development team doesn't have to understand how everything else works before building or modifying a service; they just have to understand the objectives. The services are intended to be very simple services with one thing they do exceptionally well. In the short term and the initial goals of your team, we will be building services to translate data (pricing, billing, usage) from AWS, Azure, and other providers from the source API's into our data format. We follow an Agile methodology with two-week sprints with the goal of deploying to production at the end of the sprint. We use JIRA and Confluence in addition to daily ~15 min standups. Please send us your Resumes stating Python on the subject at: jobs@virtualmind.io We`re looking forward to meeting you! Etiquetas:
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