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PROJECT: Solr Automation Revamp

We run a large Solr farm in production and there are maintenance jobs that run against the farm on a schedule. These jobs are creating problems with the data or failing without recovery. The Solr automation code is largely built with Python (there might be a little Ruby as well) and SQL scripts, but it also relies on ZooKeeper and bash to a limited extent. The Solr monitoring codebase is a C# application and there is interaction with that, although deep C# isn’t required.



Senior, very comfortable working with legacy code, tracing code paths through complex designs, self directed to solve a puzzle

Strong with Python

Strong with SQL (any flavor, but we use MS SQL, and have complex stored procedures)

Strong communication

Familiarity with C# or Java

Familiarity with Solr preferably, but any flavor of search tool at scale


python mysql ingles #sql
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