Position: Python Developer

Approximate salary: U $ 30 / U $ 35 per hour (could be more for Sr, according to experience, to be paid by Payoneer).

where do I work from: Wherever you want

Hours: from 9 to 18 (flexi time)

Required: English

Additional: We have flexible vacation program. You administer the days when you want, as you like and as many as you like!

Your mission:

 As a backend engineer at AttackIQ, you will have to build and maintain new features for our main product FireDrill.

 These features give a direct answer to our customer's needs, so the ideal candidate would be eager to understand what are those needs and what’s the best way to implement them given the use case.




-       Strong experience with Python Django Rest Framework

-       Strong experience with a database like PostgreSQL, different query optimization techniques, typical reasons of database performance degradations and different database sharding techniques

-       Knows deeply when to prefer SQL over NoSQL and when Queues are the answer

-       Prior experience implementing Microservices oriented architectures

-       Strong experience working with multi-tenant applications

-       Strong experience with message brokers, caching, load balancing technologies (e.g. Redis, celery)

-       Ability to identify and fix scalability issues (e.g. Datadog, Newrelic, pghero, silk)

-       Prior experience employing CI/CD principles (proper testing, clean code)

-       Daily experience working with development tools like git and Linux systems

-       Proficient English language skills


Highly Desired:


-       Prior experience with vagrant, ansible, terraform, docker and docker-compose

-       Prior experience using NoSQL (e.g. Elasticsearch), Queues (e.g. Rabbitmq/Kafka)

-       Prior experience with AWS technology stack

-       Prior experience with Kubernetes

-       Prior experience with SSO end-to-end



python postgresql redis aws django-rest-framework kubernetes microservices
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