From C & C Orientaciones we are looking for Python programmer for important computer company, we are in the search for a Senior Developer of C #, Java, .NET, Javascript and Python.

The chosen person will join a high performance project with challenging projects that require high commitment and participation. Methodologies and good trend practices.

Workplace: Congreso

Profile & Seniority

We are looking for a Sr. Python Developer to join us working on a highly challenging

Project. Its technology stack includes:

● Cloud Provider AWS : EC2, Lambda, Aurora, Redshift, DynamoDB, ECS, SQS,

SNS, Kinesis, S3, CloudFront, CloudFormation, SageMaker, KMS, CodePipeline,


● DSL based Search : multiple large scale Elasticsearch Clusters searched using our

Disco Query Language (DQL).

● Event Bus: Kafka and Schema Registry

● 3rd Party Vendors : Redis, Auth0 for Cloud Identity Federation (SSO, SAML, etc).

● AI : MinHash, FastText, Word2Vec, Convolution Neural Nets, Algorithmia (Lambda

with GPUs) for training, PyTorch, Recurrent Neural Networks, Latent Dirichlet

Allocation for Topic Modeling, etc.

● Deployment : Terraform, Docker (via ECS), Consul for: App Config, Service

Discovery, Shared Secrets.

● Visibility : ELK Stack for logging, Datadog, New Relic,

● Programming Languages : Python, JavaScript, C#/.NET, Java.

● Transport Mechanisms : Protobuf, Avro, HTTP Rest/JSON

● CI/CD : Jenkins, CodeDeploy, GitHub, Artifactory

Position Requirements

● Must design and communicate external and internal architectural perspectives of

well encapsulated systems (e.g. Service Oriented Architecture, Docker based Services,

micro services) using patterns and tools such as Architecture/Design Patterns and

Sequence Diagrams.

● Must have experience with some amount of ‘Big Data’ technologies such as:

ElasticSearch, NoSql Stores, Kafka, Columnar Databases, DataFlow or Pipeline

Systems, Graph DataStores.

● Should have experience with design, implementation, and operation of data

intensive, distributed systems. (The book, Designing Data Intensive Applications, is a

good reference)

● Should embrace the discipline of Site Reliability


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● Should have experience using Continuous Integration and

Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) with an emphasis on a

well maintained testing pyramid.

● Should have API and Data Model Design or Implementation experience, including

how to scale out, make highly available, or map to storage systems.

● Should have experience with multiple software stacks, have opinions and

preferences, and not be married to a specific stack.

● Should have experience designing and operating software in a Cloud Provider such

as AWS, Azure, or GCP.

● Might have experience using Feature or Release Toggles as a code branching


● Might have experience designing, modifying, and operating multi tenant


● Might know about algorithm development for intensive pipeline processing


● Might understand of how to design and develop from a Security


● Might know how to identify, select, and extend 3rd Party Components (Commercial

or Open Source) that provide operational leverage but does not constrain our product

and engineering creativity.

Your day might include designing and operating platform wide services such


● Event Bus and Event Sourcing capabilities that provide business and engineering

leverage and efficiencies.

● Highly scalable and crazy performant search systems.

● Transactional or eventually consistent stores that provide well encapsulated domain

object semantics.

● Orchestrated scaleout data pipelines that can leverage serverless and

containerized compute that balances cost, latency, and duration.

● Algorithmically intensive data engines that operate on streaming, large, or

multi tenant datasets.


-       English in company

-       Certifications

-       Home Office and flex hours

-       OSDE

-       Periodic reviews of salary and annual bonus

-       Discounts in BHG products

-       Travels posibilities

-       Eight free montly launchs 

-       Fruits, cookies, yogurt, cereals, bills and beer in our offices

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