We are Glide, a startup based in San Francisco with the mission of modernizing and simplifying residential real estate transactions. We’ve grown fast since launching in July of 2018. Glide is now being used in over 25% of transactions in California.

We are looking for our first back-end engineer, someone talented, humble and self-motivated. Someone who is in the details but can also think of the big picture. We have a rock-solid collection of front and back-end frameworks on which we base to develop product features in an end-to-end fashion.

We have teams in Argentina and the USA, and we are expanding them to Colombia and Canada.

About the role

  • We are looking for well-seasoned developers with 5+ years of experience of general software engineering (maybe less if you have experience). We have a rather large and complex project.
  • The role is permanent and full time. We don't hire on a per-project or time limited base.
  • You will work mostly on performance and security related features and in back-end tooling for the rest of the team.
  • We are open to hiring you from the following locations: Argentina, Colombia, Canada and USA.

A typical day as a Back-end engineer at Glide can include the following:

  • Developing internal back-end tools and features in Python (Flask, SQLAlchemy, Pytest). Our stack is completed with PostgreSQL, Redis and also we have a few microservices in JavaScript and Java.
  • Maintaining and improving our internal libraries. Worth to mention we use a super performant in-house developed ORM and a framework we use to build step-by-step wizards.
  • Remotely collaborating via Slack, Notion, Zoom.
  • Reviewing PRs, making releases to production on a daily basis.
  • Helping customer support, identifying and fixing bugs coming through them, making sure cases are resolved for customers. Everyone at Glide helps to support our customers.
  • Are you an infrastructure person? We'd love to have you help out with our AWS cloud.

You will work with:

About you

  • You want to ship every day. Your passion is to build end-to-end software. You want to iterate, learn and improve regularly.
  • You understand the importance of quality, tested code. You write tests and feel confident in doing so. Code is documented, understandable and predictable.
  • You’re comfortable with a versatile stack. You’re comfortable or have production-level experience with Python, JavaScript, PostgreSQL and even shell scripts.
  • You’re self-motivated and can work independently. Working remotely or independently is something that you enjoy and have experience in. You take the initiative to make sure that you have everything you need to work efficiently and will call for support when required.
  • You love learning. You might not have the experience required for all areas of this role, but you’re excited by the prospect of growing and learning. While our roles are specialised, each team member can wear many hats.


  • Above the average salary. We will pay in USD.
  • Health insurance stipend. We will cover the health insurance for you and your family via a stipend.
  • Unlimited paid time off. Yes, as long as you coordinate your leaves with the team we will not be counting how many days you are off.
  • Great equipment. Each employee gets a brand new Macbook.
  • Co-working stipend. Working at home can be pretty lonely. We can pay for a desk at a nearby co-working space if you want.

About Us

The average real estate transaction includes dozens of siloed technology systems, hundreds of calls, emails and texts, and thousands of pages of documents – not to mention more fees than you will pay for anything else in your life.

Why have we come to expect that it’s reasonable for such a huge and important transaction in one of the largest industries feel like a complete mess? We're here to fix it with intelligent software that takes you through each milestone using a step-by-step, guided expert system and is already being used to conduct over $75 billion in residential real estate transactions a year – and growing fast.

We’re a well funded startup with both consumer-facing and B2B-facing elements. We are revenue generating, late-seed stage on track to raise a Series A in early 2021.

How to apply

  • Apply for this position by writing to careers@glide.com with the subject line: “Full-stack Developer” including the a CV, resume and any highlighted projects you’d like us to know about.
  • You will hear <strong>back from us within 7 days past the application deadline, even if it doesn’t seem like a good fit.</strong> We strive to maximize transparency and make the process as swift as possible.
  • If we want to move further, the first step will be a 30-minute exploratory call. We will answers questions you might have about us and learn about you, trying to see if we are a match.
  • The second step is a round of technical interviews, each taking 45/60 min with our engineers which include:
    • a CS interview with an exercise about basic algorithms such as sorting and searching
    • a debugging interview, we want to know what improvements you'd make to a piece of code we'll give you
  • Every interview is also a chance for you to getting to know us, the interviewer will allocate time for you to ask them questions about their work, about the company, how is it like working at Glide, any question you'd like.
  • The final step is a non-technical interview with our CTO, Henry, where you'll have the chance of meeting one of our founders and asking him any questions you have.
  • We know our process might be a bit longer than the average but we care a lot about who will be joining the team from both technical and cultural perspectives.
  • Lastly, we'll extend an offer if we think you might be a good fit.

The entire process <strong>will take no longer than 21 days</strong>.

Full description here https://www.notion.so/glide/Back-end-developer-f94b8096a2f34e1e892781a888076f67

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