Applied Data Scientist (Remote) USD 20/02/2024, Remote

As an Applied Data Science, you will take the lead in building novel applications of remote data science via PySyft, ranging from auditing proprietary AI systems in alignment with most recent regulatory calls for auditing artificial intelligence-powered platforms to conducting research studies on non-public data. Further, you get the chance to pilot your application directly with high-profile organizations and educate the stakeholders on your solution.

machine learning python tensorflow research data science deep learning differential privacy cryptography distributed systems remote work pytorch jax federated learning data privacy secure multi-party computation artificial intelligence

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Senior Software Engineer (USD) 20/02/2024, Remoto

We are looking for a highly talented individual, with hard won industry experience, a track record of exceeding expectations, and who is ready to level up and do the most challenging and rewarding thing in their career so far. You will join a team led by Andrew Trask (author of Grokking Deep Learning), as a seasoned engineer, helping us build libraries, frameworks, and network protocols to facilitate the secure execution of data science and machine learning code in remote infrastructure.

machine learning python linux kubernetes data science deep learning differential privacy security cryptography distributed systems remote work

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