Deviget is a  globally distributed development shop with offices in the USA and South America.  We have a tight knit team of passionate developers, many of whom have been working together since 2008.

Our team dynamic is excellent.  We work well together and never shy away from helping a co-worker resolve an issue.  We get excited about everything computing and we spend a majority of our time inside, and outside, of work together so we never stop discussing new techniques and challenging each other to get better.

How we work:

-We all work remotely from home via (skype, slack, hangout) and typically begin our day with a stand-up within our respective team/client

-Monthly the various project teams get together in local offices in their area to meet for sprint planning, retrospectives & project updates.

-Technologies we typically work with: C/C++, Amazon EC2, MongoDB, Java, Ruby, Python, PHP, Hadoop, JavaScript, Selenium, Git, Android...

-You can view our careers page here: for more information