Olapic’s Earned Content Platform amplifies brands' engagement and performance across every channel using moderated, rights-approved, high-converting images and videos taken by real people. Our innovative technology helps turn user-generated, or “earned,” content into a powerful brand asset, using a three-step process:

- Curate: Collect and rank content through a combination of machine-learning and human moderation, then permission it for marketing use with our rights management tool.

- Activate: Publish customer content to your brand or e-Commerce site, increase the ROI of each marketing channel, and optimize the entire customer journey from brand engagement, to commerce, to loyalty.

- Analyze: Measure influence on sales, lift in revenue, and engagement with your visual assets in order to better understand and connect with your best brand advocates.

Additionally, our product Content in Motion (CiM) helps brands transform static images into dynamic animated content at scale, which performs across websites, social channels, advertising, and more. Learn more: olapic.com/content-in-motion

We pioneered the earned content industry in 2010 and are proud to work with nearly 400 of the world’s leading brands to supercharge every marketing touchpoint with consumer content that is proven to perform. With more than 50 million data points being analyzed on a daily basis, Olapic has influenced more than three million transactions and nearly $600 million in e-Commerce revenue in 2016.

Olapic is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Monotype Imaging Holding Inc. (NASDAQ: TYPE), working closely together to build the future of brand expression.

For more information, visit our website and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram @olapic