Addressing some of humanity’s most pressing challenges, such as providing food or distributing energy for nine billion people without depleting resources, requires real-time planet-scale data and some very smart algorithms deciding from this data. Do you want to get your hands in these huge amounts of information? Do you want to discover and understand stuff about our planet that nobody has seen before? Do you want to help design and implement the intelligence that will enable this understanding? Do you want to send this intelligence to space??? If these questions give you an irresistible urge to learn more about the team already doing this, you might want to continue reading.
About the company

Founded in 2011, Satellogic builds and operates a fleet of small satellites to produce affordable commercial-grade Earth data for daily decision making in a range of industries. The goal is to leverage this unique dataset to enable real-time understanding of the planet.
In 2017, with the first satellites of our constellation already up and running, Satellogic decided to also place the focus on value creation.
We will initially focus on the challenges faced by the Agriculture, Energy, Financial and Government sectors. Satellogic also has a commitment to science and social impact where we work closely with research partners in academy and institutions developing longer term solutions and insights.
We have teams in Argentina, Barcelona, Israel and the US and collaborate actively with the broader development and research communities.

We have tons of data and way more challenges than solutions. Farmers want to increase their production in a sustainable way, energy companies have valuable remote assets that require constant monitoring, governments need to increase their efficiency and transparency, companies require a growing amount of global intelligence to inform their decisions, the world needs first hand knowledge of the social and economic impact of a changing environment in order to act accordingly, etc.