Infobyte LLC. founded in 2001, provides specialized services in offensive security, Infobyte is the first company to provide Red Team Services
in Latin America. By using real-world attack scenarios and the latest
tools and techniques available in the IT community, we put the critical
infrastructure of organizations to the test.

Our expert team of specialists have been
speakers at the world's most respected security conferences such as
BlackHat, Defcon, BlueHat, Shakacon, Troppers.

In order to provide cutting-edge services,
Research and Development is the backbone of our company. Whether it be
groundbreaker software such as Evilgrade,
hacking into a fingerprint reader or a comprehensive report about
tunnels used for bank robberies, we are always trying blend the lines
between cyber and physical security. Our approach gives us a unique
perspective in the security community wich allows us to provide
specialized, holistic solutions for our clients.

In 2013 we released Faraday
the first Multi-user Penetration IDE. Designed for distribution,
indexation and analysis of the generated knowledge during the engagement
of a penetration test. The main purpose of Faraday is to re-use the
tools available in the community to allow teams to become greater than
the sums of their parts.