Founded in 2010 by entrepreneurs who have built successful SaaS companies with remote teams, we provide tier-1 cost-effective talent to tech companies that seamlessly integrates into your already existing teams. We provide a solution to the administrative headache of truly integrating teams quickly, teams that actually stay together long-term.

Retaining & recruiting skilled employees is the 4th largest challenge for SMB tech companies, behind attracting customers, increasing revenue, and maintaining profitability (Statista). On average, it takes 6 months to hire someone for a startup (Forbes), with 23% of startups saying team issues were what lead to their failure (Entrepreneur).

As an entrepreneurial team rooted in the startup community, Mismo understands your needs, because we’ve been there. This mindset permeates the walls of Mismo, driving both our San Francisco headquarters and our Costa Rican offices. This was no accident, these two timezones provide a fully integrated team that can produce work immediately, committed to your success as they operate as an incorporated arm of your own team.