We are Glide,
a startup based in San Francisco with the mission of modernizing and
simplifying residential real estate transactions. We’ve grown fast since
launching in July of 2018. Glide is now being used in over 25% of
transactions in California.

The average real estate transaction includes dozens of siloed technology systems, hundreds of calls, emails and texts, and thousands of pages of documents – not to mention more fees than you will pay for anything else in your life.

Why have we come to expect that it’s reasonable for such a huge and important transaction in one of the largest industries feel like a complete mess? We're here to fix it with intelligent software that takes you through each milestone using a step-by-step, guided expert system and is already being used to conduct over $75 billion in residential real estate transactions a year – and growing fast.

We’re a well funded startup with both consumer-facing and B2B-facing elements. We are revenue generating, late-seed stage on track to raise a Series A in early 2021.