Overactive, our passion is building memorable Digital Experiences that far
exceed user expectations.  Exemplifying partnership at its highest level,
we leverage our expertise developing successful software projects to help our
clients not only thrive in the digital space but disruptively transform their
respective industries for the better.   Through a comprehensive
portfolio of services that enable ideation, creation, execution, and
optimization of digital products across every single touchpoint, we help our
clients harness technology in ways that significantly increase return on sales,
market share, and quality of customer experience.


With 10+ years in the
industry, we have successfully delivered hundreds of projects & mastered
the right methodologies, enabling us to engage and work with clients all over
the US, and Latin America abroad.   We are experts at managing the
complete lifecycle of a software project such as user research, ideation,
project planning, development, continuous delivery and last but not least,
quality assurance.  Highly specialized in several areas such as Advanced
Analytics, User Experience, Full Stack Web Development, Mobile, DevOps and
Cloud, we also possess a strong knowledge base spanning a myriad of industries,
with especially unique experience and insight in Insurance, Healthcare,
Banking, Media and Logistics.