Bridge Marketing is a best practices Marketing Automation Technologies provider focused on efficient customer acquisition. Founded on a unified platform integrating multichannel data, advanced analytics, and cloud-based data hygiene and segment targeting technologies. We enable businesses to increase marketing performance with end-to-end marketing services and data services. 

From white glove services to self-service solutions and customized marketing technologies accessed through a single integrated API, Fortune 500 brands and entrepreneurial growth companies can now access customer acquisition and data services with rapid response capabilities on demand. Built on a massive real-time data footprint and advanced technologies from email hygiene and data enhancement to audience targeting and campaign deployment, our ability to target, reach and engage both mass market and niche consumer audiences is virtually boundless. 

We are proudly recognized for best in class data services, efficient digital agency marketing services, and outstanding customer service. Customer Web Sites, Client Case Studies and Best Practice Newsletters reflect our commitment to deliver world class Marketing Automation Technologies for efficient customer acquisition.